With less than a month to go until the inaugural Pantera shows with the band’s new lineup featuring original members Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown plus Zakk Wylde and Charlie Benante filling in on guitar and drums, respectively. Wylde will be scrutinized by legions of fans both online and in person, but he’s confident about his abilities he said in a recent interview with The Haunted‘s Ola Englund (via Blabbermouth).

While talking about his preparations, Wylde said that he’s used YouTube as resource when learning and practicing the setlist. In his explanation, he may have dropped a few setlist hints as well.

Elsewhere in the interview, Wylde says that he’ll see the other members of the band later this month to practice in person.

Dec. 02 – Texicoco, Mexico – Hell & Heaven Metal Fest
Dec. 06 – Monterrey, Mexico – Monterrey Metal Fest
Dec. 09 – Bogotá, Colombia – Knotfest Colombia
Dec. 11 – Santiago, Chile – Knotfest Chile
Dec. 12 – Santiago, Chile – Movistar Arena
Dec. 15 – São Paulo, Brazil – Vibra São Paulo (with JUDAS PRIEST)
Dec. 18 – São Paulo, Brazil – Knotfest Brazil
Jun. 2-4 – Nürburgring, Germany – Rock Am Ring
Jun. 2-4 – Nürnberg, Germany – Rock Im Park
Jun. 10 – Sölvesborg, Sweden – Sweden Rock Festival
Jun. 22-24 – Oslo, Norway – Tons Of Rock