Popular metal and hardcore blog Lambgoat is now under new ownership, according to a post from the site’s founder, Alex Arnold, last night. He clarified that the site will continue on under the care of Dave, also known as Lurk. You can read his full statement below, but Arnold appears to be leaving Lambgoat on good terms.

“When I started Lambgoat in 1999, I had grand plans to… actually, I had no plan whatsoever. Lambgoat.com was simply a place for me to post about heavy music and sharpen my web design and development skills (or lack thereof). Much to my surprise, within a year or so it had blossomed into a legitimate destination for a small contingent of hardcore and metal music fans.

“During the past 23 years I’ve written tens of thousands of news items, news “bits,” album reviews, and blog entries; I’ve sent and read thousands of emails; I’ve opened thousands of pieces of media mail from record labels, bands, and individuals; I’ve deleted thousands of obnoxious news comments; I’ve spent literal weeks viewing social media feeds, artist websites, etc. for potential news items; I could go and on. I’ve lived and breathed this thing for so long that I can’t even recall what my life was like before Lambgoat.

“I started this website when I was in my early 20s and I’m now well into my 40s. During that time, I’ve held a separate (non-music related) full-time job and raised a bunch of children. Frankly, I’ve been terribly conflicted about moving on, but life is short and I’m tired. That said, Lambgoat will live on. The new owners, Dave (aka Lurk) and his partners, are more than capable of carrying on the mission and I look forward to seeing where they take things.

“Lambgoat readers have never lacked the temerity to call me out when justified, or the graciousness to express appreciation where appropriate. I sincerely thank each and every one of you. Without you all, this whole thing wouldn’t be shit.

“I’ll see you around. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter.


We want to congratulate Alex for founding and managing the site—and its vulgar peanut gallery of a comments section—for the last 23 years. Good luck to Dave in keeping the fire burning.