In the late aughts, Midwest mathcore weirdos See You Next Tuesday released a pair of off-the-wall albums—*Parasite *and Intervals—via the now-defunct label Ferret Music. The band went on hiatus in 2009 with few plans to reunite but absence makes the heart grow fonder and See You Next Tuesday will release their new, third album, Distractions, in February 2023.

The first taste of new music comes in the form of the single “Hey Look, No Crying,” which you can stream below. If you were a fan of See You Next Tuesday before, you’ll be a fan of the songs on Distractions. The 14-year break didn’t take the edge out of the band but the songs are more streamlined and less chaotic for the sake of it, taking a more modern grind and mathcore approach.

There’s a deeper meaning behind the song, as vocalist Chris Fox explains. It’s a fitting choice to break their silence with, seeing as See You Next Tuesday have been relatively inactive over the last decade and change, only getting together for the occasional show, until now.

You can listen to “Hey Look, No Crying” now. *Distractions *is set for a February 17 release via Good Fight Music.