Last month, Australian metalcore act Parkway Drive dropped their first new single in four years, the notably-bouncy “Glitch.” Now, the band have released another new track, and have announced their forthcoming new album to boot.

Parkway Drive’s seventh studio album will be titled Darker Still, and will drop September 9th via Epitaph. The record is already available for preorder.

The new single from the record, “The Greatest Fear,” continues the departure from typical metalcore that the band revealed with “Glitch.” Like that track, this is basically a nu-metal track, only this one has a hard goth metal shine on it. There are opening keys and choir vocals, big yearning guitar leads, and a chugging, mid-paced riff that’s evocative of acts like Moonspell, Samael, and The Kovenant.

It seems like the band are acknowledging this in the video, which has a lot of loaded imagery, but appears to be about one thing and one thing only: ROBES. There are robes for DAYS in this shit. Winston McCall? ROBE. The grand, shadowy specters of mortality atop their crumbling thrones? ROBE AS FUCK.

Says McCall of the track:

“The greatest fear, the one we all share; this song is about the unifying force we all must face —death. The goal was to create a song that saw death not as something that separates, but something that connects us all on our paths. Musically, we wanted to create a song that did this concept justice. It’s heavy, it’s epic and when it stomps it leaves an impact.”

Sounds robed the fuck OUT, son.

Check out “The Greatest Fear” below, then scroll down for Darker Still‘s tracklisting and cover art.

Parkway Drive, Darker Still: