Some bands may want to keep the dream alive and reunite after they play their final show or release their final album, but Black Sabbath won’t be doing that. In a new interview on the Ozzy Speaks on SiriusXM, Ozzy Osbourne was asked whether there was a possibility of Black Sabbath reforming following his work with guitarist Tony Iommi on the former’s new album. Ozzy’s response? No Black Sabbath, but maybe more collaborations with the members of Black Sabbath, he says.

He further explained his reasoning, saying that he enjoyed his tenure with Black Sabbath but that he doesn’t want to keep retreading the same ground.

In the interview, Ozzy also reveals that he has a better relationship with Iommi since the end of Black Sabbath, citing fewer mutual obligations after the band broke up. When discussing their recent collaboration, “Degradation Rules,” from Ozzy’s new album Patient Number 9, the singer says the song would have fit on Sabbath’s final album, 13, a record he apparently was not wild about.

The possibility of more collaborations from the members of Black Sabbath is always a good thing in our book. *Patient Number 9 *is out now.