Ten years is a long time for anything, but for the original lineup of hardcore pioneers Biohazard, that’s how long it’s been since Billy Graziadei, Bobby Hambel, Danny Schuler, and Evan Seinfeld last played together as a group. Well, that’s all come to an end, as the four dudes that brought us the classic album Urban Discipline announced their return earlier today.

Their reunion comes as the band is set to celebrate their 35th anniversary, having come up in Brooklyn, New York back in the late 80s. As it stands, the band currently has a few international festival dates confirmed for next summer, as well as some select appearances here in the States. The band is also working on a documentary to not only catch their milestone anniversary, but to share previously unreleased footage to the fans.

Oh and they’re planning on recording new material next year as well.

With all that on the docket for the band, it sounds like there’s some urgency behind everything. For Schuler, that’s an accurate assessment.

Biohazard frontman Billy Graziadei said the timing for this reunion worked out perfectly, so it only made sense to get the classic lineup back together.

Bassist and vocalist Evan Seinfeld, who had been probably the most visible member of the band in recent years, said reconnecting with his former band mates was great not just for themselves, but for the fans as well.

Finally, Bobby Hambel said that through everything that went on, the chance to get back on stage with his old friends will be a highlight of the whole experience.

Though we don’t know much more about the new music beside the fact that they’re working on it, we can at least report on the current tour dates scheduled for Europe next August. If you’re in the area of these major festivals, be sure to catch them live. Or don’t and wait for their U.S. dates.

AUG 4 Czaplinek, Poland – Pol’and’Rock Festival
AUG 10 Jeromer, Czech Republic – Brutal Assault
AUG 13 Catton Park, England – Bloodstock
AUG 19 Eindhoven, Holland – Dynamo Metalfest