Just when you thought it was safe to turn on the radio in the vicinity of a red state or county, it looks like new Nickelback music is gearing up to assault your sensibilities. The perpetually maligned Canadian rockers recently posted a quick clip of what appears to be new music and it actually sounds kinda……heavy?

Though there’s no official talk of a new album being promoted or worked on by Avril Lavigne’s ex’s band, Nickelback posted a quick 10 second snippet of a song that would probably fit in on a Disembodied record — or really any metalcore record in general. Pick your favorite. It probably works there too. At this point it shouldn’t really be a surprise, since some of the band members are openly devout metalheads.

Apparently, Nickelback recently wanted to post this clip sooner, but some bigwigs at BMG urged them to take the clip down. In response, the band started a twitter campaign that asked fans to call the band’s record label and convince them to let the clip go out. What we got in the tweet below was presumably that clip.

Listen, it’s been a few years since their last release, 2017’s Feed the Machine. Since then, they’ve covered “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” and got sued by some guy who just wanted to become a big rockstar. Apparently he felt Nickelback stole music from his local band.

After listening to this new clip over and over for the last 10 minutes, all we’re left with is questions. Why is this as heavy as it is? What else have they been hiding? Do they have Slayer-esque solos planned? What about Charlie Benante-style double bass? Oh! Can Chad Kroeger hit the high notes that only Bruce Dickinson and Joey Belladonna can?

Only time will tell. Today, we’re absolutely sure of two things: this probably isn’t indicative of the entire album and boy, is this post going to piss a lot of people off!