Stormruler, the black metal band hailing from the darkest, most brvtal part of America — St. Louis, Missouri, of course — have released the title track and accompanying music video in support of their sophomore LP, Sacred Rites & Black Magick.

The duo, comprised of Jason Asberry (vocals/guitars/bass) and Jesse Schobel (drums/vocals), had received critical praise for their debut effort Under a Burning Eclipse released last year. This upcoming album, produced, mixed and mastered by Gabe Usery at Encapsulated Studios, “weaves epic tales of war, history, black magick and sorcery beyond the standard confines of black metal,” according to the band.

“This album is on another level in comparison to our previous offering. It falls in the same vein of the melodic second wave black metal worship of Under The Burning Eclipse, but with a more intense and darker touch. It’s got the high speed buzzsaw attack we love, crushing grooves, solid leads, ambience within the interludes and acoustic passages, as well as lyrics that tell a story.”

As far as black metal goes, “Sacred Rites & Black Magick” should please most fans. This band said they were very specific when they chose the title track to debut their next album, saying it’s indicative of the rest.

“We chose Sacred Rites as our first offering for many reasons. We feel as if from the strike of the very first chord it gives off an apparent energy that can be felt throughout the entire album. Lyrically it encompasses the feeling of this record rather well with lyrics ripe of black magick rituals and ancient orders.”

Sacred Rites & Black Magick will release on October 14. You can preorder the release now via Napalm Records.

***Sacred Rites & Black Magick ***track listing:

  1. Hymns Of The Slumbering Race
    2. Internal Fulmination Of The Grand Deceivers
    3. Adrift Dark Halls Of Vinheim
    4. To Bear The Twin Faces Of The Dragon
    5. In Light Of Paleblood
    6. Entranced Within The Moon Presence
    7. Invocation Of The Black Sacrament
    8. Sacred Rites & Black Magick
    9. Oathpact
    10. Ten Heralds, Ten Desolations
    11. The Waters Of Iolamita
    12. In The Shaded Vlasian Forest
    13. Amid A Smear Of Crimson Cloud
    14. Apparitions Across The Ravencrest
    15. Sanguinare Vampiris
    16. Upon Frozen Shores
    17. Shadow Of The Golden Eagle
    18. Along The Appian Way
    19. By Winters Long Passed
    20. A Malice Dead & Cold