At this point in their lives, Municipal Waste frontman Tony Foresta and Cannibal Corpse drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz could record the sounds of them pissing into an empty can and sell it for a solid amount of dough. However, these two scene veterans are better men than that, and have instead formed a new band named Heaven’s Gate, the first single from whom you can hear below.

Rounded out by bassist Jeff Howe (Reversal of Man/Horsewhip) and guitarist Mike Goo (Warthog), Heaven’s Gate definitely take things in a more frantic, panicked direction than its members might in their other projects. Sure, punk and thrash are the bedrock of the band, but on the band’s new single “Jerusalem Syndrome” (which, for the record, is basically the clinical term for religious mania), there’s also a sense of urgency that keeps the listener in it the entire time. Of course, ‘the entire time’ means one minute and 45 seconds, so it’s not like these guys were ever going to give you an immersive experience.

So why are Heaven’s Gate suddenly on your front step, asking if you have any weed? Because you can see them live in Florida before the end of the month! On July 22nd they’ll be playing in Gainesville, FL at the Wooly and on July 23rd they’ll be playing in St Petersburg, FL at the Bends. So strap on your tracksuits and Nikes, and get ready to ascend!

Check out “Jerusalem Syndrome” below: