Along with being the biggest metal act on the planet and the proverbial head of the table when it comes to the Big Four, Metallica have also positioned themselves in recent years as a force for good through the All Within My Hands foundation, which is probably the best thing named after anything related to St. Anger.

Though the band uses multiple avenues to raise funds for their charity, one of the cooler things they do is an annual event called the “Helping Hands Concert & Auction” that’s been running since 2017. This yearly show is the reason we’ve got some pretty kick ass acoustic versions of classic Metallica songs. And while past iterations have been livestreamed to the world, this year’s is the first time it will be streamed live with a full audience on a major subscription-based platform.

On December 16, starting at 5:30 p.m. PST, the “Helping Hands Concert & Auction” will go live on Paramount+. The show will start with a set by Greta Van Fleet before Metallica hit the stage with a unique set of their own. Late night host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel will host the event.

In addition to the concert, Metallica are putting up a number of items for auction starting December 5, with 100% of the funds generated by ticket and auction sales going directly to the charity’s beneficiaries.

According to the band, the charity has raised nearly $6 million through their efforts. To ensure all the money goes where it needs to, the charity’s board, supporters, and Metallica themselves cover the costs associated with putting the show on.

For fans outside of the U.S., Variety reports that the event will be available to stream “in the U.K., Latin America, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France on Saturday, December 17, Australia on Sunday, December 18, and South Korea in 2023. The concert will also be simulcast on Pluto TV globally and on YouTube.”