It’s beginning to look like next year’s European festival circuit is going to be absolutely monstrous, as the folks behind Download Festival 2023 have unveiled the four-day festival’s complete lineup. And while you’re not going to be shocked at all to hear Metallica and Ghost are going to be among the biggest acts on the bill, it’s the bands in between that should get you excited for this year’s event.

More than 60 bands will make it to the stage between June 8 and 11 at Donington Park, Leicestershire. Some of the standout bands from that list include Behemoth, GWAR, and Municipal Waste. There’s going to be some form of metal to satisfy any fan’s personal tastes. Download Festival’s Andy Copping said this year’s festival marks two decades of its existence, so they had to add a fourth day to cram more music and fun in.

For Metallica, who’s almost always at Donnington for the Download Festival, will be playing two of the four nights, with neither setlist containing any repeating songs. So rejoice, you’ll only hear “Enter Sandman” and “Nothing Else Matters” once during the festival.

If you’re able to make it out to Europe and you want to participate in what looks to be an absolutely insane time, make sure you’re around for the presale that’s expected to go on very soon. For the full list of bands playing that weekend, be sure to scroll down.