*Cybergrind unit Thotcrime are pushing extreme music in weird new ways on their album D1G1T4L_DR1FT, set for release later this month via Prosthetic Records. After hearing the record’s combination of The Locust-style grind and dancy hyperpop, we had to get inside the band’s head and find out what music they’ve been listening to recently. What follows is the members Heavy Rotation playlist. *

I’ve always been in love with the mix of electronic and guitar-driven music and Synsnake really find an amazing balance of the heavy heavy with the K-pop on this record. The vocal performances also range from the most brutal screams to the most sugary sweet cleans without either ever feeling out of place. —K. Salmon

A fairly old album now but some incredible industrial soundscapes that merge Nine Inch Nails’ oppressive atmospheres with dizzying, almost cybergrind, hip-hop drums. An album that you really have to commit to listening to but very rewarding if you want to be taken on a sonic journey full of left turns and blindsides.—K. Salmon

As mentioned, I love electronic music mixed with heavy guitar music and no one, in my opinion, has ever done that the way Pendulum do with anywhere near the high production quality. On this release they explore a much wider array of electronic genres from industrial house to liquid jungle but never lose their sound, power or aggression.—K. Salmon

Monster of a collaboration record that boasts some of the most insane features from underground and alternative pop records… most ambitious crossover project of all time, next to the album im listing later here. Textures are wonderful, Jakes vocals mesh so well with others, John’s production is top notch as always. It just rules.—Hayleyy Sparxx

One of the most innovative DJs and producers at this moment. She created a distressingly dark drum and bass record with an ethereal and visceral industrial edge. This thing is violent, and only four tracks long. No holds barred and cuts right to the point.—Hayleyy Sparxx

This album is somehow the perfect marriage of post-hardcore and hyperpop without overwhelming the listener and outstaying its welcome. Legendary list of features, and anthemic melodies all over the place. Jumping all over the place from shoegaze, fuzzpop, ska, screamo, post-hardcore, sasscore, trap and digicore… the list of styles all across this project is like… endless.—Hayleyy Sparxx

I’m a big fan of Kero Kero Bonito, so naturally a solo EP by Sarah would be right up my alley. I absolutely wouldn’t have expected something so dark and heavy from her though. The mix of moody industrial and bubblegummy pop is so cool and unique.—Malady Jane

Daoboys are probably the most unique heavy band out there today. I love the way the first part of this track evokes the dancey, sassy post-hardcore of bands like The Blood Brothers before capping off the album with an incredible melodic outro. Already can’t wait to see what this band does next.—Malady Jane

This track is like the perfect mix of sugary-sweet happy hardcore and ultra-hard uptempo dance. This style of production just makes me feel so excited and energized.—Malady Jane

Unexpected label debut on Orange Milk from my favorite noise-rock-freakout-textural-hellscape kings White Suns keep blurring the lines further between noise and rock and this EP is a dismal monolith with NO room for light.—Dot Homler

Okay-instead of a dismal monolith, how about a really REALLY big open empty space with still no light in there? I loved the more atmospheric (even melodic??) approach Ulcerate took on their last album, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around an inch of their songwriting. Jamie Saint Merat is probably my biggest drumming influence in heavier music, the amount of dynamics and subtlety they work into blast beats and fills just blows me away.—Dot Homler

Friends! Ryan and I played in a powerviolence group called Stye and I would NOT be here with Thotcrime without all of ’em—punishing death metal, grind, riffs, assorted and all heavy in spades, band kicked my ass live and bless ’em for it.—Dot Homler