Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you probably know that the 2022 FIFA World Cup is currently under way in Qatar. Every four years, countries put their best soccer (or futbol/football for the rest of the world) team forward in a massive tournament to be the last club standing with the trophy in hand. It’s one of the most televised events around the world and if you have a team in the tournament, it can be an extremely thrilling experience.

This go around, the US team is in Group B and their next opponent is England. Having already kicked their ass to gain our independence, it’s only fair that some American thrash metal gets thrown in their face for good measure.

Enter the thrash metal band Beekeeper, whose soccer loving alter-ego Group of Death just released a vicious takedown of the English team with their latest track “The Cup is Not Coming Home.” Released earlier today, the track is the band’s second of four total songs slated for release during the group stage of the World Cup in association with the soccer magazine Howler.

Their first song, “Black World Cup Winter” is an awesome takedown of the ridiculously corrupt FIFA organization, which if you didn’t know, is insanely corrupt.

Along with the two songs, Howler is selling a Group of Death t-shirt, with proceeds going to the Soccer Without Borders’ All-Girls Program.

So even if you don’t know shit about soccer, still check out these two tracks and maybe visit Beekeeper’s Bandcamp page. Even without the silly soccer angle, their music fucking rips and will probably be featured here in some way in the near future.