Maintaining friendships over a long distance can be hard, so I can’t imagine how operating as a three-piece prog metal band with members on both sides of the Atlantic like Gracchus has to be like. The band seems to have worked through the distance, with members Bernhard Schnellmann (vocals and rhythm guitar), Allan Murphy (drums), and Jeff Elrose (lead guitar) in Switzerland and the U.S., as you can hear in the new single “Envidia.”

Inspired by the “darkness of life,” the band describes their own music as “pictures of muted colors with occasional bright lightning strikes” for people who don’t feel like they necessarily belong or know how to cope with their feelings healthily. As for the specific track “Envidia,” which you can check out below, the band says it was looking to convey a specific emotion with its release.

“‘Envidia’ talks about the general state of envy, or specifically, admiration as a catalyst for anger and animosity and how the constant envious criticism wears down your own beliefs and identity.”

The track is the second of three singles the band is releasing this fall, with “Facelift” already making the rounds last month. Their next single, “Misaligned,” will be out sometime in the coming weeks.

The singles are supposed to act as the band’s follow up to their 2019 release Murder Party, which was named German Rock Hard’s “Recommendation of the Month” when it was released.