Back in February of 2020, Canadian multi-instrumentalist Lindsay Schoolcraft announced that she was parting ways with symphonic black metallers Cradle of Filth. The news disappointed both the band — frontman Dani Filth seemed genuinely nonplussed — and their fans, who had come to appreciate Lindsay’s talented input on albums like 2017’s Cryptoriana.

But rather than become one of the many musicians to grace Cradle’s ranks and fade into memory, Lindsay has thrived on her own, both as a solo artist and as a contributor to the albums of bands whose paths she crossed during her tenure in the vampire circus.

The more metallic side of Lindsay’s tastes are especially present on her 2019 solo album Martyr, while 2021’s Worlds Away is generally focused on her orchestral leaning-work. That said, as Lindsay told us when we reached out to her, she certainly hasn’t abandoned the heavier side of things:

“I’ve been busy over the last few years! In 2021 I performed harp on Myrkur’s ‘Rivers Bless’ and was featured on Cancer Bat’s ‘Hail The Acoustic Destroyer’ and live stream.

“In addition I got to appear on Motionless in White’s new album Scoring The End of The World where I was featured on the first single ‘Cyberhex’ and also appeared on ‘B. F. B. T. G. Corpse Nation.’

“My main focus has been in producing and recording tracks for my Patreon Community and I have my next album currently in the works. My Patreon currently offers up to 32 songs, most of which can not be found anywhere else on the internet.

“I am currently wrapping up  my next album which is a mix of dark and spooky ballads along with some heavy hitters. Most recently being a blackened gothic metal track featuring [early Cradle of Filth female vocalist] Sarah Jezebel Deva.”

Check out Lindsay’s track with Sarah, “Stolen Light,” below. Meanwhile, if you want to support Schoolcraft in her ongoing celebration of the moonlit world, you can subscribe to her Patreon.