Classic thrash metal giants Exodus have been on a tear lately, touring the world and kicking ass along the way. Earlier this month, they threw down a roughly hour-long set at the Altavoz Festival at Cancha Cincuentenario in Medellín, Colombia and luckily for everyone involved, the entire set was professionally filmed.

Exodus have been touring extensively in support of their 2021 album Persona Non Grata, which is an absolute slayer that was released via Nuclear Blast Records and is the band’s followup to 2024’s Blood In Blood Out.

So while you whittle away the hours before Turkey Day takes full effect tomorrow, why don’t you sit back, relax, and watch some thrash metal masters kick some ass?

  1. The Beatings Will Continue
    02. A Lesson In Violence
    03. Blood In, Blood Out
    04. The Years Of Death And Dying
    05. Deathamphetamine
    06. Blacklist
    07. Piranha
    08. Prescribing Horror
    09. Bonded By Blood
    10. The Toxic Waltz
    11. Strike Of The Beast