It’s been a minute since we last heard a new studio release from Scar Symmetry, given the first part of a trilogy Phase I: Neohumanity was released back in 2014. For fans of the band, the promise of a trilogy meant, well, three new albums planned at once. It was going to be an embarrassment of riches until it suddenly wasn’t. But what happened?

In a recent interview with Chaoszine, guitarist Per Nilsson laid it all out, explaining that there were multiple factors that caused Scar Symmetry to slow down its production, yet never fully enter hiatus status. Transcribed by Metal Injection, Nilsson says the songs are mostly written and some parts have even been recorded already.

So there you have it. Nilsson needed to do something different so he just up and joined Meshuggah to kick some ass there. And even though he was busy playing with those titans, he says Scar Symmetry has been dealing with more of the business side of things like booking agents and securing legal representation after returning to Nuclear Blast.

Unfortunately, the artist that was working on the visual side of things for Phase II has gone and ghosted Scar Symmetry, so Nilsson said that release is still in limbo at the moment.

“We haven’t really talked about [that situation] a lot, but that postponed things a lot because then we had to find a new artwork artist. Yes, we’re currently still in a holding pattern waiting for the release date to be set.”

So yeah. New music’s still coming, it’s just… taking a while.