Right now, every artist in metal who’s ever made a divisive statement in their lives and is worried about it has become obsessed with ‘cancel culture.’ This idea, that there’s a widespread mob mentality set on ‘canceling’ public figures for doing and saying something inappropriate or offensive, has become the strawman menace of musicians who like to feel victimized rather than either taking responsibility for their mistakes or standing firm in their beliefs against public outcry. Now, Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan has gone so far as to get a guitar that says, ‘Fuck Cancel Culture’ in the Coca Cola logo font, and frontman David Draiman apparently thinks this is an act of brave activism.

As you’ll see below in a picture via Blabbermouth, Donegan recently unveiled his Boomer Dad Special to the world on social media. In response, Draiman wrote in a tweet:

“@DanDoneganGtr’s new guitar. I couldn’t be more proud.”

I mean…proud? It’s a guitar with a slogan on it. And it’s not even an interesting or revolutionary slogan, it’s some tired Internet talking point. Meanwhile, it should be noted that though he’s such a diehard defender of free speech, David Draiman has blocked us on Twitter; we only knew he posted this tweet because we could see it on Blabbermouth. Guess everyone else’s comfort zone needs to be challenged, but his is pwecious.

As you might have guessed, I don’t buy into the idea of ‘cancel culture.’ It just seems like public figures are being held accountable for their actions and statements. Meanwhile, no one who’s gotten “canceled” has actually really lost anything — Marilyn Manson was nominated for a Grammy this year, while disgraced comedian Louis C.K. actually won one. To us, this feels like another outcry of victimization from a body of people who are unused to having the world at large calling them on their shit. That said, when we took a poll of our readers, the majority said they DID think it was a problem.

Anyway, check out Donegan’s guitar and Draiman’s praise below.