Too many metal musicians — hell, too many people — have lost their battle with opioid addiction. From Dave Brockie to Layne Staley to up-and-coming artists that never make it big, it’s hard to fathom all the music we’ve lost to drug addiction and a system that treats the disease like a crime instead of a health problem.

To that end, a charity record label in Philadelphia is hoping to honor the life of one such musician that showed immense promise but died too soon.

Mike Parry was the guitarist and lead singer the post-hardcore band Worshiper. Though hard work and frenetic live shows wherever they could play, they were gaining some steam in the Philadelphia area in the mid-2000s. Along with his lifelong friends Curt Howard and Benji Davis, Parry worked to write, record, and release their debut record *To Binge and Purge in LA. *Soon after, they went out on their first and only tour with Boston’s own Bad History Month.

Ultimately, they broke up like so many bands do — Parry’s drug habit got to be too much and it served as a wedge between himself and the band. It all ended tragically when Parry relapsed and died on June 16, 2021.

Since then, Strange Mono Records has been working with the surviving members of Worshiper to remaster their only album. As they get closer to that remastered version’s release in October, they’ve begun taking preorders, with 100% of the proceeds going to Prevention Point, a non-profit in Philadelphia aimed at harm reduction.

“We hope that this release can raise awareness about one of Philly’s best bands and help to promote health, empowerment and safety for communities affected by drug use and poverty.”

Worshiper’s *To Binge and Purge in LA *will release on October 31 and is available for preorder via Strange Mono. There will also be a charity show on October 15 at Century, Philadelphia, with all proceeds going to Prevention Point.