There was a span of time in the late 80s and early 90s when a group of six dudes in a band called Guns N’ Roses had the rock scene by the fucking balls. Their debut studio effort Appetite for Destruction was an unassailable masterpiece of groovy riffs and catchy hooks and things only got bigger and more decadent from there.

Even though most people only know the band for overblown album release schedules (thanks, Chinese Democracy) and being the reason Brazilian waitresses end up jobless, Guns N’ Roses are still out there playing shows and taking people back to a bygone time when the cocaine was abundant and there were no consequences for being an absolute rock star in every sense of the word.

Next month, UME/Geffen are releasing a special box set to celebrate the multi-platinum 1991 releases Use Your Illusion I & II. With nearly 100 tracks (63 unreleased) fully remastered from high-resolution 96kHz 24-bit transfers from the original stereo 1/2-inch analog masters, the set is looking to be the ultimate collection for any GNR fan.

Included in the set is a live recording of the band’s show at the Ritz Theatre in New York City on May 16, 1991. Earlier today, the band premiered a clip from that show with a new video for “You Could Be Mine,” , which is only slightly better than the original video they put out with Arnold Schwarzenegger walking through a concert crowd as the Terminator.

Still, i’s already such a killer song that it needs no further introduction – just watch it below. You’ll either instantly be taken back to a simpler time or instantly recognize why Axl, Slash, Dizzy, Izzy, Duff, and Matt ran the world.

The *Use Your Illusion I & II *box set will release on November 11, though you can preorder your copy today.