Mathcore legends Botch surprise released “One Twenty Two,” their first new music in twenty years, last night.

“One Twenty Two” is definitely a Botch song—even after two decades, the band’s signature riff style via guitarist Dave Knudson is intact alongside the rhythm section of bassist Brian Cook and drummer Tim Latona. Vocalist Dave Verellen sounds a little different, which is logical; it’s been since 2002 that we’ve heard him with Botch.

The new song features a foot-stomping main riff and some definite post-metal influences, which makes sense, seeing as Cook plays in Russian Circles these days. There’s no word right now on if “One Twenty Two” is a single from something upcoming or if it’s a one-off release or what.

On July 31, Cook posted a message to his Instagram teasing that Botch were doing an unknown activity, which was followed by a tweet from Sargent House that said, “Botch. Stay tuned. That’s the tweet.” The band signed to Sargent House last year in order to rerelease their back catalogue, which had previously been released through now-defunct label Hydra Head Records.

At the time, Cook shot down any hope of a real reunion happening in the near future, saying:

“I’ve learned not to say never to that, but the circumstances would have to be very specific and I honestly can’t imagine what those circumstances would be at this point. And, man… it would freak me the fuck out. To put on a Botch show the way we used to put on Botch shows… I’m 44 years old and I don’t know if my body could handle throwing itself around onstage all night and all that’s stuff. I bruise too easily these days.”

Botch originally formed in 1993 in Tacoma, Washington. They released three EPs and two albums, including the boundary-obliterating *We Are the Romans *in 1999.