Add a new outfit called Disorder Assembly to the resume of Between the Buried and Me bassist Dan Briggs, who, when not busy with his day job in one the sickest prog metal bands of all time, passes his days making music for Trioscapes, Nightmare Scenario, Nova Collective, and surely at least a couple I’m forgetting.

Disorder Assembly, a jazz outfit headquartered in Briggs’ native North Carolina, have an album coming out on April 16, Combustion Fossil, and they’ve now made one song available, “Lizard of Boz.” Here’s the full band lineup:

Dan Briggs: bass, synthesizer
Casey Cranford: alto saxophone, EWI
Walter Fancourt (also of Trioscapes): tenor saxophone, synthesizer, flute
Eli Fribush: soprano/baritone/tenor saxophone
Sam Fribush: organ, synthesizer
Scott Johnson: drums, percussion
Jared Mankoff: tuba, electronics, percussion
Daniel Yount: drums, percussion

If that looks like a lot, that’s because it is: this is ambitious music with a whole lot going on, as the band name implies.

Give “Lizard of Boz” a stream below via Bandcamp.