Dust off your Canadian tuxedos and put some Molson on ice — one of the biggest Canadian exports is getting recognized for their indelible imprint on rock music, as Nickelback will be inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame next year.

Their selection into their home country’s music hall of fame was announced earlier today by the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). The band will be added to the country’s list of most revered musicians like Corey Hart, the Barenaked Ladies, and (of course) Rush.

Allan Reid, president and CEO, CARAS/Juno Awards, said the band’s selection was a foregone conclusion, given their already impressive number of Juno award wins over the years. The induction ceremony will take place on Monday, March 13, 2023 in the band’s home province (it’s kinda like a really big state, for our U.S. readers) of Alberta.

Speaking for the band, frontman Chad Kroeger said the honor was a huge moment for Nickelback, which is comprised of himself, his brother Mike, Ryan Peake, and Daniel Adair.

The news comes days after Chad Kroeger suggested that the legions of Nickelback haters have been missing the apparent joke that the band’s been playing up this whole time. In an interview with WRIF, he said the band hasn’t taken itself seriously in a very long time.

“I think that there’s been some misrepresentation of this band over the years. We’ll be in a photo session and we’re doing this photo shoot and we’re just goofing off, and you’ve got all these candid shots and we’re laughing – you know, cry-laughing and just getting all these great shots – and then, right at the end, it’s always the same thing. ‘Alright guys, give me a little bit of attitude.’ We all do that thing…And that’s the picture [that ends up being used] every. Single. Time. It’s like, ‘Look at these douchebags taking themselves so seriously,’ and it’s just a terrible misrepresentation of the band.”

So fuck me, I guess. I’ve been out of the loop, along with scores and scores of people, for years. I mean, they damn near fooled us with that hardcore song intro that ended up being a generic rock song anyways, but here we are.