In an somewhat surprising announcement just moments ago, one Norway’s black metal masters Darkthrone announced that they will be putting out a new album next month titled Astral Fortress.

Slated for an October 28th release, Astral Fortress features seven new songs from the prolific duo Nocturno and legendary cat-lover Fenriz. The new album will be the band’s first studio-length output since 2021’s Eternal Hails.

Ever the guy to stay super serious about everything all the time, Fenriz helped make the announcement via a YouTube short.

According to the band, this record has been in the works “for some years now,” with Fenriz estimating that this new slate of music can be traced back to 2016.

“As usual, Ted makes music by playing himself and riffs just come to me. I think since 2016’s Arctic Thunder, we have mostly been inspired by our own back catalogue. I can hear many of my riffs eventually sounding like a plethora of bands but this seldom seems to correlate with what others hear. As you’ll know by now I never talk about the lyrics or the inspiration behind them and I would never want any lyrics that I like of others to be explained to me but I will tell you this, it is darker than ever, it is seething with hell.”

Preorders for Astral Fortress will begin tomorrow starting at 9 a.m. U.K. time. Make a very careful note of that if you’re looking to snag one for yourself – 9 a.m. U.K. time.** No excuses if you miss this one.

Darkthrone, Astral Fortress